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 Visa Information

Details About how to get invitation letter: http://icpc24.org/news/5215.html

The ICPC24 Secretariat will use the personal information (passport information, email address) only for the purposes of visa applying documentation to enter China. The said information will not be employed beyond this scope of intended use. Personal information will never be provided to third parties and will be strictly supervised to ensure the proper handling by the ICPC24 secretariat.

Chinese Visa:
All overseas participants, except Chinese citizens, need a Chinese Visa to travel to China. You may find details about obtaining a Chinese Visa on the following website http://english.gov.cn/services/visitchina

Any questions regarding visa application can be directed to your local Chinese Consulates on the website https://www.fmprc.gov.cn/mfa_eng/wjb_663304/zwjg_665342/2498_665360/ 

Visa for the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong:
Depending on your country of origin, you may also need a visa for the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong, if you travel to Shenzhen via Hong Kong. You may find visa information on the website: 


Please plan enough time for your visa application to ensure a timely process of your visa, and if you need a Letter of Invitation to apply for visa, please fill the Participant Information Form with the accurate information from your passport and upload it to conference system. The electronic version of the invitation letter will be available within 5-10 working days.



1. Time Difference

    China is 8 hours ahead of GMT (Standard time).

2. Electricity Supply

    The standard electrical supply is 220 volts AC/50 cycles. Be careful and ask before plugging in a 110-volt appliance.

3. Useful Phone Numbers

    Police: 110

    Fire: 119

    Medical Emergency: 120

    Local Directory Assistance: 114

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