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About Virtually Attend

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Due to the complexity of the global situation, we understand that it is difficult for some countries and regions to participate on-site, so we have opened online channels. 

Online conference platform: Virtually attend attendees will attend the conference via ZOOM, and will receive detailed guidelines on how to access and use the platform before the meeting begins. 

Arrangement: Virtually attendees and on-site attendees have a consistent meeting schedule to ensure that you don't miss any exciting content.

Interaction: You will have the opportunity to interact with the speaker and other participants, raise questions, and participate in discussions.

Register: https://icpc24.org/register/details/id/571475.html

Zoom Link: https://file.aconf.org/conf/hz/2019/12/174356/files/ZOOM%20Link.xlsx


About Conference Login

1. First, Please Download Zoom: https://www.zoom.us/download#client_4meeting

2. How to Join a meeting

   1) Find conference program: https://icpc24.org/timetable.html

   2) Find Specific session, click to program details

   3) Find “Enter meeting room”, click it

   4) Enter Participant Code

   5) The Participant Code will be sent to your register email. Please pay attention to your email.


3. After you Enter the meeting, you can

   1) Please change your name to your real name


   2) Click Share Screen, to share you report file, if you need to give a speech

   3) Pay attention: please keep Mute or Video open when you give a speech.

ICPC 24 Organizing Committee

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